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Taking the leap to open your own agency is a big step. At Cypress Insurance Outfitters, we promise to deliver value added services to our franchise locations in a way that increases your operational efficiencies and ultimately creating more profit for the agency principal(s). Whether your need is a bookkeeper or part-time controller, or something in-between, we have you covered. Most agents looking to own their own independent agency generally focus solely on attaining markets without realizing or fully considering all the other related expenses and operational areas that take your valuable time away from sales activities. With Cypress you will have access to the premier independent agency markets and our proprietary system provides you with all the backroom support and tools so that you can focus 90% of your time on revenue generating opportunities.

We are able to provide back room services at a lower rate than you could otherwise implement because we aggregate these services over multiple franchises, reducing overall costs to each franchise location. The typical aggregator or cluster in the marketplace is providing availability to markets while not supporting their customers with any meaningful service or worst yet they are taking such a high commission split that your ability to grow is greatly impacted. Over time an agency owner will regret giving up revenue for carrier access without any other services provided that would help reduce agency expenses. Cypress Insurance streamlines those activities that are not direct revenue generating functions with one goal in mind – to bring our franchised locations a product that reduces their operating costs and ultimately increases the agency principal’s return on their investment.

Minimum Costs for Year One: Over $175,000

Full-Time Accountant
Human Resources
Agent Management System
Phone System
Lead Generation
Branding & Marketing

Services Included


Cypress Insurance will provide comprehensive accounting services utilizing quickbooks to manage the commissions and expenses for each franchised location. Detailed reporting will be provided to each location principal(s) on a monthly basis or when requested through your assigned bookkeeper. Each franchise can request a full audit of their books to be completed once per year. You can expect to have complete knowledge for money matters related to your location.

Human Resources

Our franchises receive an employee handbook and access to an HR representative when situations arise. Cypress Insurance also provides the platform for employee training that can and will reduce the chances you will experience an EPLI claim. Cypress also provides training upon your launch.

Lead Generation Tools

Generating leads will be a valuable part of your sales strategy. Cypress has invested in a set of tools that will help you attain faster growth.

Agency Management System

Cypress Insurance provides a cutting-edge agency management system that provides a robust set of tools for you and your team with an easy to use interface. Proper account documentation is highly important when writing and servicing client needs. Our agency management system will help your agency minimize the chance you ever experience an E & O claim.

Phone Systems

With technology as a driving force, we want to ensure that communication is easy and reliable. Our phone systems will allow you to take calls even if you’re not in the office through our app and desktop communicator. We utilize a VOIP phone system which makes our physical phones capable of operating normally from anywhere there is an internet connection available.

Branding and Marketing

Building a new brand can incur costs quickly. You’ll be provided with a collection of branded items as well as a web presence. Our short and long term marketing strategy will elevate your brand today and into the future.

What You Can Expect

  • A sales driven culture for all Cypress Insurance Outfitters staff.
  • Flexibility with a strong services support across the key focus areas in accounting, human resources, claims, risk management, agency management systems, phone systems, lead generation, sales tools and branding and marketing.
  • An organization that operates based on our cultural values which drive our success.
  • Maintaining 100% ownership of your agency.
  • To be fully vested after three years of operation. If you choose to shut the business down prior to the end of year three the agency book will roll into the Cypress Insurance Outfitters service center for account management and will be the property of Cypress Insurance Outfitters.
  • Your choice of franchise fees paid upfront option or split over the first year of operation.
  • Your revenue split between your agency and Cypress Insurance Outfitters on a monthly basis.
  • Incentives for agency franchises that encourage franchise referrals.
  • Incentives that encourage agency franchise growth.
  • An organization that will allow you to compete with the largest brokerages in the country from day one.
  • A nationally branded independent insurance agency.
  • Increased profit sharing results.
  • Higher commission schedules with key carriers.

The Cypress Culture

Our values and behaviors define the expectations we have for working with one another and with clients. Although we come from different backgrounds and cultures across the Cypress family of agencies, our values are what we have in common. They capture our shared aspirations and expectations, and guide how we make decisions and treat others. As insurance professionals, we always align our actions with the values and behaviors of Cypress Insurance. We think about the values as a complete set – all are equally critical to our success.

We act with integrity. Each and every day we consistently do the right thing for our organization, employees, and customers.

We work together. We know that our diverse backgrounds allow us to see multiple perspectives in making the best decision for all stakeholders each day.

We reimagine the possible. Our teammates strive to improve our organizational processes and look to future technologies that will keep us adding value to our franchised locations for years to come.

We make a difference in the communities we serve. Our team mates are focused on plugging in to the communities around them through volunteering time and money to support local non profits.

We care. We care about the quality of our work, our co-workers, and our clients, and we align our actions that demonstrate our commitment to each other.

We are flexible. In an ever-changing world not everything goes as planned. We commit to each other to embrace opportunities to improve and be the best version of ourselves when times are challenging.

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